Joel speaking during a panel at SakuraCon
Joel posing for a photo with fellow actors and fans in cosplay at AnimeExpo
Joel with a fan in a costume from Sergeant Frog


(Anime, selected)

Show Role
Guilty Crown Daryl Yan
We Without Wings Takashi
Panty and Stocking Brief
Sekirei Minato Sahashi
Baccano! Jacuzzi Splot
Baka and Test Kubo Toshimitsu
Sgt. Frog DJ Saburo Mutsumi
Big Windup Hanai
Chrome Shelled Regios Haia Salinban Laia
Nabari No Ou Yoite
Heroic Age Iolaos
Romeo x Juliet Vittorio
Soul Eater Kilik
Corpse Princess Takamasa Sogi
Hetalia Poland
Okamisan Ryoshi
Video Game Role
Rainy Cocoa: Worlds first E-Manga! Aoi Tokura
Borderlands 2 Captian Flint, Tector Hodunk
Dragon Ball Z: Tenkauchi Tag Team Angry Saiyan - Playable Character
Triple Crown Snowboarding (Wii) Playable Character
Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Albert Lee, Mallory
Joel with a group of fans at SakuraCon
The cast of Panty and Stocking at AnimeExpo
The cast of Panty and Stocking at AnimeExpo